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Social Emotional Learning Headbands Game

Looking to focus on building up your social emotional learning in your classroom?

This resource helps reinforce important social emotional skills and vocabulary!


What’s included:

•10 Social Emotional Vocabulary Headband Cards

•3 clue cards per vocabulary word (synonym, definition, and scenario)

•Game guidelines and suggestions

Moon Phases PowerPoint

Free Moon Phases PowerPoint Linked Below! The PowerPoint provides a basic overview on moon phases and why they occur! I hope your class can benefit from this information like mine did. Happy Teaching :)

Muscular System Google Form Quiz

FREE Muscular System Google Form! This Google Form can be used as a pre or post assessment tool when learning about the muscular system (we used it for both in my class). Head to my TPT STORE to check out my Muscular System PowerPoint. 


Directions to Access:

1. Click the "Click Here to Access" button

2. Make a copy of the Form 

3. Rename the Form

4. Open the form and click the eye icon in top-right corner to preview what the form will look like to your students. 

5. Copy the URL and paste it into Google Classroom


#5thgrade #science

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