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Spooooky Mixtures and Solutions Lab

I don't know about you, but I love getting into the Halloween spirit! Give me all of the "Hocus Pocus" vibes and some apple cider and I am one happy camper. I wanted to bring the SPOOOOOOKKKYY to our science class and tie it to our learning standards at the same time, thus the Spooky Mixtures and Solutions lab was brewed up (see what I did there lol). Everything you need to make some magic happen in the classroom is listed below (okay, I'm done with the puns now).

Materials Needed:

Lemon-Lime Kool Aid Powder

Pitcher of Cold Water

2 Cups Warm Water

2 Plastic Bowls or Cauldrons

Dry Ice (not necessary)

Gloves or Tongs (If using dry ice)

Goggles (for that scientist lewk)


1. Mix the Kool Aid Powder and cold water in the smaller cauldron/bowl

2. Have students record their observations on their "Spooky Mixtures and Solutions Lab Recording Sheet"


Dry Ice Directions (optional)

3. Put the smaller cauldron/bowl in the larger cauldron/bowl

4. Add dry ice around the smaller cauldron/bowl using your tongs or gloves

5. Pour the warm water over the dry ice

6. Serve to your little ghouls and goblins


Happy haunting,



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